Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Whoa, Blogger has come up with some pretty cool templates. This one is a huge improvement over the old design. Yay Blogger! More elegant and stuff like that. I'm going to try to add some functionality to the site later, since this new template wiped out my links, comments and the tracking system.

I've had some success in writing chapters 1-2. The writing contest I am planning on entering is due June 4, so I still have some time before I have to turn it in. Its the first meeting between the hero and heroine. Which I still have to expand on.

The problem I am having is that I'm really big on reading regency romances set in England in the 1800s. But since I'm writing a contemporary...the hero and heroine meet at a party...I have to stop myself from writing like its in the 1800s England.

"Have you tried the lobster patties, sirrah? I hear they are quite the rage," Kate said.

Dan bowed deeply to Kate. "Indeed, madam. I am ever at your service. Allow me to escort you to dinner."

She curtseyed (sp?) in return. "Thank you. You are ever so kind," she murmured, looking into his handsome, rugged face.

Bah. The problem is I keep picturing the hero to be like Colin Firth or Hugh Jackman (a la Kate & Leopold). But Dan is actually supposed to be a U.S. Marine in today's time. I don't know if a guy in this day and age would say, "Indeed, madam."

Having some writer's blocky just now, but I'm sure I'll work it out.